How does the Bible define an Ultimate Fighter For Christ?

The entire Body of Christ is called to pray, but not every member is called to be used by the Holy Spirit for spiritual warfare. UFFC cadet training will begin in 2021 to prepare for service on behalf of the Latter Days Church Body of Christ UFFC! ENLIST NOW

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NEW !! Testimony, Praises, Prayers, Friends, and Pastors added! Get excited! GOD IS MOVING

A Word from founder of UFFC, Ron Larson: “Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I have followed the lead of the Holy Spirit about moving forward with UFFC.church. There have been moments when I was sure the time had come for UFFC to become what I know God has planned for us. So, it can be a bit frustrating when we have been slowed down, even offline for a couple of months recently. I look forward to sharing the experience with all those who come when Father begins to recruit members to this Body of Christ in earnest. This is an exciting, and I believe extremely significant time in Church history. I am prepared and have been preparing to help others prepare for His second coming. I do not claim that UFFC.church is a prophetic church outside of what the Bible speaks of long before John was sent to Patmos for the Revelation. Soldiers for Christ must stay alert and ready for the call to duty. I know that 2021 is the year we will be activated to serve our primary mission. The Holy Spirit will guide us then, and I pray many will be led here to serve as Ultimate Fighters for Christ. Email or text me anytime for prayer, or just to talk about the hopeful future that lay ahead for us. Faith Hope Love/AGAPE!