This is your chance to get involved in a small group study online! Find fellowship, bible study, and challening faith based courses to enrich your Christian Life.

“Why was I born, who am I really, and what is my purpose?” Whether you are a young adult just starting out or you are older seeking the answers to those questions, Purpose-Driven Life Group is designed to help you find the answers from a spiritual perspective. Purpose-Driven Life is a 40-day spiritual journey full of hope and challenge. It will transform your life as it has millions of lives since 2002. PDL Books will be provided online. New groups starting now! Meeting Times: Mondays at 7 PM CST. Age:18+ Group Type: Everyone Welcome Where: Online Stream

Join us online after dinner on Tuesday evenings or for lunch on Wednesdays. You will learn the most effective method yet to 1. transform your thinking using God’s word; 2. demolish strongholds in your mind that plague you; 3. take every though captive to make it obedient to Christ! We utilize media, discussion, fellowship, and prayer to take the battle to the enemy and WIN! Meeting Times: Tuesday Nights 7 PM CST, Wednesday Mornings 11:30 AM CST AGE: 18+ Group Type: Everyone Welcome Where: Online Stream

Published by Ron Larson

Been around for a while now, so I don't expect to be slowed down much by a pandemic either! I am determined to figure it out as I go. I'm just hoping I don't go until I got it figured out.

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