Prophecy for Tulsa 2021-?

Many of you have already heard me speak about the vision I had 20+ years ago, regarding Tulsa Oklahoma. You have heard me speak of all that has taken place since that time to prepare us. Not as end-times preppers but as an End Times Body of Christ. (Outside of God’s family there will no place to hide from the terror that is coming for them.) The Body of Christ will need to be ready to play a pivotal role in the final Harvest that occurs sometime during the Tribulation. God will provide for all our physical needs and we will rejoice to perform and witness the supernatural gifts in action like never seen before! Indeed, the call for preparation seems to be growing more urgent. Many of us feel the darkness of tribulation has already started to envelop our nation. This is not voodoo, based in fear, or cultish. All I have heard and all I speak is supported by God’s word.

In 1996, God gave me a vision while praying for direction for myself, my ministry, and the future of our family. We had lived in Ardmore Oklahoma about 8 years and Acts Ministry was ending. While petitioning God, Matthew 5:14 is the first thing I heard as the vision began. “Look North.”, the voice commanded. I saw a massive crystal white beam of light with at least a 50-mile circumference. Even from 200 miles away, at least in the vision, I could feel the rumble and hear the sizzle blazing up from the ground then piercing the atmosphere into an eternity of the heavens above. (I recognized that the beam was emitting from the NE corner of our state called Green Country, better known as Tulsa County.) I was stunned, and with a trembling voice I asked, “What does it mean?” I was informed we would be returning to Tulsa, that Green Country represents the Hill, the beam represents the Spirit of God beckoning the lost to Christ, and the City represents a small but strong Body of Christ there. It will be made up by those who God has sent to build and serve in this end times ministry.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we must be prepared to welcome the hundreds of thousands (maybe more!) of people that will soon be flocking to the Light from around the country and/or world. Some are saying the pilgrimage has already begun. They will seek shelter, safety, and Salvation during what will be the darkest period in our history. Personally, based on several other indicators over the past few years, I believe this infiltration into Oklahoma will peak in 4-6 years. I have talked with several mature Christians who, like myself, are hearing the urgent call to be prepared for what may lie ahead in the extremely near future.  But even if a period of tribulation does not begin during our lifetimes, a Body of Christians needs to form, organize, and prepare now! In that way, our children and grandchildren will have what God has called us to build for those who remain, and who will need it most when those days arrive during their own lifetime.

No one ministry, person or church will be able to accomplish the purpose for what we believe God has called us to accomplish. Now I am just guessing… but we might be living together as they did in Acts. This is not a new purpose to which we are called. In a new world, we must seek more purity through greater obedience. We must learn to… and help each other throw off everything of this world. We must continually walk in the Spirit, study God’s word, and pray for direction having constant communion with God.

The time for waiting is over. I am putting out the call now for likeminded individuals (us) to get together, get organized, be anointed then sent into service. We are living in exciting times and being a part of this effort will be fascinating!

Call me to find out more.  Ron Larson 425-346-0687

Feel free to share this with other likeminded Christians you know.

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