Sanders Barnes Testimony

At age 12, the Lord revealed my inherent sin and need for a Savior. I knew I was separated from God, and that He has given Jesus to redeem me, and to bring me into fellowship with God Almighty. I will not soon forget the Joy and Assurance that that revelation created in me! At that very moment, I knew that I knew God was calling me into Kingdom Service, but did not understand fully just what that entailed.

I followed Christ with passion, relying on “people” (Youth Leaders) to mentor me and to train me up in this newfound calling. But, as a young denominational believer, I was informed of the “many steps and requirements” for ever ministering to people. This overwhelmed me, and I waxed cold and began, basically, giving up on God ever using me. This was around age 18-19.

From age 19 til 34, my My focus was on making a living. I didn’t ready or study the Word of God much, and gave Him no sacrifice of time. On Thursday, November 12th, 1992, while attending a christian crusade in Little Rock, Arkansas, I received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, and heard myself speaking in tongues. I inquired of the pastor and his wife who had invited me along as to what this meant. From that moment, a hunger for Jesus and for His Word was birthed in my innermost being. Instantly, God became my Teacher, Helper, Guide, and comforter! Fellowship with the LORD became REAL, and so lovely.

Through a series of “events” in the following years, I would find myself facing supernatural attacks that I had not prepared my Soul to endure, and I failed. Many times, I failed. And God would pick me up, take me back into His Word, and prove to my very heart that He had NOT abandoned me…and, that He believed in me. This was HUGE!

On March 10, 2007, I experienced the manifestation of God’s Agape for me…for ME! This revelation came as I was making sincere effort to help a fellow Believer to overcome unforgiveness that she was harboring. It was as I opened up the Scripture to her that I saw His magnificent forgiveness on The Cross for Sanders Barnes. This was a game changer in my walk, and in my future!

Today, I serve as head of the Salty Saints, a not-for-profit Christ-centered entity that serves the homeless, addicts, and everyone whom the Lord enables me to reach out to. My delight is in taking the Message of God’s Grace and Love to a dark, dying world. Also, I am associated with The Last Reformation (TLR) and The Ark in Connelly Springs, North Carolina.

As the Spirit leads, I do pulpit supply for the Saints in mostly Rural settings where the flock is presently without a Pastor. My delight is in making Followers of Christ Jesus our LORD.

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