Please Pray


Please pray that I, the administrators of UFFC and all sister sites will be led by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel and edify the members of this body as God would have us do so. Thank you. Be Led~Be Blessed~Be a Blessing!

2/9/2021 – Oh God Mighty King! I come now in Jesus name. It is by His name and His authority that I bind satan and cast all demon powers off of this site, out of my life, my mind, my business to! They have no business in my business, and I draw ever closer to my Father so all that monkey business must flee. Thank you God, Praise you Jesus for the Holy Spirit who emboldens me for your sake. Lord I pray you will continue to bring those who you will use to assist to fulfill this task you have prepared in advance for us to do. Bless us with your wisdom and guide our feet that we may keep in step with your perfect timing and perfect will. In the name of Christ we pray for your Glory God. Amen

11/28/2020 – Life has been different and probably more difficult than any of us might have expected in 2020. The politics, the plague, and the uncertainty of what lies around the corner into 2021. Many Christians feel they may have had premonitions or prophecies for what the future holds. But here is a fact. Tomorrow could be the last day on this earth for any one of us. Let us not fear or worry. Let us not allow the devil to steal our joy. Even if it looks like a hopeless situation ahead, there is nothing hopeless when we walk as Children of the Light, a Royal Priesthood, sons and daughters of the Universal King! The God above every god. Our God, our Heavenly Father and the Son Jesus who is our high priest and brother, along with the Holy Spirit that flows through and connects the Body of Christ… The power of our Triune God goes before to bring down every principality. We may walk through remnants of the spiritual battle that took place ahead of us of our arrival, and Jesus promised us we would suffer for His name. But Father assures us that all things work to the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. I pray we don’t despair. I pray we handle the new situations of our world in a way that sets a precedent. I pray that in the worst of times, the lost will look towards us and see an example of what they want. Light, life, hope, confidence… Faith Hope and Love will remain. We are told in Corinthians 13 that love (Agape) is the greatest spiritual gift! We will share the love of God for the lost given through the Holy Spirit who gives it to those who will use it to fulfill God’s will. I pray you will know peace that passes all understanding. The peace that allowed Jesus to sleep on the boat during a severe storm that terrified all others with him. In the last days the Light of Christ will radiate out from us to shatter the darkness that we will be called to enter in order to rescue those who God will call to receive their own Salvation through Christ. I believe one of the most beautiful phrases our Savior spoke was, “I will not lose any of those who the Father has given me.” Which means that condemnation from those servants of hell is without merit. Christ always wins, therefor so do we. Take heart brethren, soldiers, Ultimate Fighters for Christ. The end is near for each one of us. I pray we may serve our Father faithfully while we yet live. Service to Him is service to the earthly Body of Christ who is in service to those Christ came for. The sick, the broken, the lost, the tortured by life without a true God to believe in. I pray we, UFFC will pray without ceasing for them, that we may receive the gifts, power, and will to do what Christ left us here to do. What was it he said, “In my name you will do greater things than I did.” Prayer is the connection to those gifts, power and inspiration we need to do so. In the name of Christ we pray for the Glory of God. Amen!

7/27/2020 – What the Holy Spirit shows me. The spirits of evil in the dark heavenly realms over America right now that are responsible for all of the protests are, confusion and rebellion. More specifically, the dark forces of generational curses and murderous spirits are over Chicago, and witchcraft and addiction are strong principalities in Portland and Seattle. (pharmakeus)

Pray with me Warriors – Father in Heaven we come in Jesus name on behalf of America. God, we know you have already gained the victory and we are here to prove it out. To continue to punish satan, to continue to fight in the spiritual realm for all those you have called and will call to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ we take authority to bind the enemy. We speak to confusion and rebellion, “You will not confuse the saints, and you will not cause innocent feet to stumble” We tell the murderous spirits and the spirits of generational curses over Chicago that Agape love casts out all fear and those who work in Agape love will bring light to obliterate the darkness. Those brave warriors for Christ will go forth and will take back territory in Chicago formerly ruled by demons. Spirits of witchcraft and addiction over Portland and Seattle, your hold over the innocent and over those God is calling to Christ for freedom and salvation… your hold over those is breaking even now.

In accordance with God’s will, we command all interfering demons to return to the slimy pit in the dry arid places where their teeth shall gnash against those already there. It is in Jesus name we pray for God’s glory. Amen

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